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L'Chaim - To life!

Jewish Music for the whole family!

$15.00 each

1.Boker Tov
4.L'Chaim - To life!
5.My Silent Prayer
6.The Little Mouse
7.Alef Bet
9.Days of Chanukah
10.Let my people go
11.Roll it back
12.I Agree Amen
13.My Silent Prayer Version II
14.Shalom Chaverim


Original Jewish Music for the whole family and for everyone! The upbeat songs like Boker Tov (good morning) and Oogiot (cookies) will have you singing and dancing! The variety of musical styles and easy to learn songs makes "L'Chaim - To life!" a must for every family's musical library.

Click here to hear songs from L'Chaim - To Life!

Batteries Not Included

Sing and dance along with The Marvelous Toy's new CD!

$15.00 each

1.Toy ABCs
2.Knock Knock
3.Toy Says
4.Happy and you know it
5.Zoo Day
6.5 Monkeys
7.Hee Hee
8.Me Oh My
9.Green Grass
10.Noah's Ark
11.Choo Choo
12.Looth Tooth
13.The Spiders


Original Childrens Music mixed with Classic Childrens Songs. This CD will have you snapping your fingers and tapping your feet! Play "Toy Says" along with the song, march to "Hey, hey, hee, hee", snuggle up with "Twinkles". It's an all around good time!

Click here to hear songs from Batteries Not Included

I played with... The Marvelous Toy!" T-Shirts!

Comfortable cotton T-Shirts for children and adults.

$10.00 each



Show all your friends how much fun you had singing & dancing with The Toy by wearing this attractive t-shirt! Colors: Yellow, Keylime Green, Ash Grey, and Tangerine orange. Youth sizes XS,S,M Adult sizes available L & XL.

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